Grooming Table Dog Grooming in Dallas Texas.

Grooming Table truly cares about your dogs grooming needs and strive to be your dog groomer. Here are some helpful tip to get you off to a great start when working with any animal. Hint, it also works with people. Be calm assertive, not hyper aggressive.  When working with a dog, the dog must sense that you have control at all times. We are talking about self control. Self control is critical to having a dog trust you. If a person is nervous, jumpy or just had too much coffee, a dog will sense this as weakness and will not feel comfortable being around you. Relax, try breathing deeply, it will help relieve any tension in the body and calm the mind. Listening to calming music also helps set the proper environment to work in.

Know When to Say When

It is critical to know when to take a break, frequent breaks help maintain calmness and assertiveness. Your best ally when working with animals is time. Resist the temptation to speed up the process because of others things needing to get done, other people are rushing you to finish. Rushing can get you or the animal injured. The stats show that more often than not, you will be the one getting injured, not the animal. We know most people don’t want to hear this, but rushing any person that works with animals is a very bad idea. Try scheduling ample time to complete the tasks at hand. Time is your friend and you can never know how a animal will behave. Animals have their own minds.



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